Jens Lysdal

Singer, guitarist, composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Jens Lysdal was born in Sweden by Danish parents. Following a year in New Orleans the family moved to Denmark. His songs and albums – unaffected by trends – are slow-release works of craft and catharsis that become treasured, lifetime companions for their listeners.His style is often subtle and poetic, but at the same time with an unmistakable sharpness in playing and writing. Rooted in Scandinavian and American folk music, he covers a wide range of genres, that he often mixes – always using it for making lyrical and musical points.What makes him stand out as a performer is the combination of his songs and voice (he is often referred to as “The Danish Leonard Cohen”) and his high level as an instrumentalist – the focus shifting between the songs and his guitar-playing.Nationally and internationally he has received tremendous reviews and is regarded one of Scandinavia’s top guitar players. His 2014 album “Easy Heart” was nominated “Best folk album” by the German reviewers association “Schallplatten-kritik” and received overwhelming reviews, calling for an international breakthrough and comparing him to icons like Ry Cooder, Mark Knopfler and Tom Waits. One of his songs was nominated for an American Grammy in 2015. When he recently re-released an updated version of his debut- album “A matter of time”, Danish press called it: “One of the most solid works in newer Danish popular music history”.Both his newer and older songs are frequently played on air and are featured in numerous Danish and international films.